Space X makes history by relaunching a Falcon 9 rocket

Yesterday on march 30th, 2017, Space X made history by relaunching a reused first stage Falcon 9 rocket and paving the way for space travel in the future, reutilizing the rockets instead of disposing of them in orbit like we used to do.

Space X has been using brand new 21st century technology, building it from the ground up, being able to achieve this great endeavor.

The Falcon 9 is a 2 stage rocket, which means that it has 2 parts connected by the interstage. When it reaches certain altitude, the first and second stage deattach and the first stage comes back to Earth to land in a platform in the ocean. The second stage is powered by a single Merlin vaccum engine and delivers Falcon 9’s payload to the desired orbit. It can also be turned on and off to deliver different payloads in different orbits.

The payload sent this time was the SES – 10 geostationary communications satellite. It will cover the areas above the Caribbean and South America.

You can check out a detailed explanation of the Falcon 9 here in Space X’s website.

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